Friday, June 3, 2011

Figure Skater: Ashley Wagner

Young Ashley Wagner is a championship-caliber figure skater with an impressive list of accomplishments. Her motto? Persistence pays off.  At the 2009 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Ashley earned a fourth-place finish, beating 21 of the nation’s best. The following year, she finished the event with a bronze medal in the 2010.  Ashley placed 5th at her first Grand Prix event of the season at the NHK Trophy in Japan and then she won the bronze medal at her second Grand Prix of the season at the Rostelecom Cup in Russia. “It’s all about focus and practice,” she says. “You have to fall 100 times before you get something perfect.” Hence, her rigorous training regimen; Wagner works out five hours a day, six days a week. On top of that, she has a job and is working toward her associate’s degree. With her busy schedule, she relies on Shaklee products, including Cinch Snack Bars to help her stay energized and Stress Relief Complex to help her stay relaxed. “I always bring a ton of Cinch bars with me to competitions,” she says. “They’re pretty tasty and great in terms of providing energy and nutrients.”

Ashley's Favorite Shaklee Products

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