For Your Health

When we are unhealthy we are unproductive, we feel terrible and our spirits tend to be low.  Who wants to live that way?  I sure don't!  I want to live well, enjoy life and be a useful tool in my Father's hands.  In order to stay healthy, I must care for this body that I've been given.  This means regular exercise, a healthy diet, managing stress and giving my body what it needs so it can work the way it was designed to work.

Good Nutrition
If you're like most Americans, you aren't eating enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Processed, refined and fast foods can be hard to eliminate from our lifestyles completely.  And even when we do have a very healthy diet, our foods simply don't contain all the nutrients that they did even 50 years ago.  The effects of nutrition on our health, good nutrition or poor, can be shocking.  Industrialized farming has brought us an abundance of food, but too often that abundance is lacking in it's value.  This is why supplementing our diet with proven high quality food based nutritional supplements is so essential to good nutrition.  Our bodies recognize the food G-d created for us to eat.  In long term studies, the synthetic supplements readily available today just don't yield the same results as food based supplements.

Healing Herbs
We read in the Scriptures that G-d created green herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts and meat to be food for us.  But we also find in Scripture that many of these plants also serve medicinal purposes for us.  Over the millennia of human history, we have learned that certain herbs have tremendous benefits for our health and healing.  Modern science has observed these properties and began to create synthetic drugs based on the herbs, consider the origins of common medications from Asprin (from Willow bark) to Digoxin (from Foxglove).  In recent years many people have been rediscovering the amazing benefits of herbs for health and healing and these herbal treatments have become the preferred avenue for treatment for many, many people.  Rather than just a few compounds from the herb, the herb itself contains many compounds that work together symboitically to provide beneficial results. There are many herbs and combinations of herbs mentioned here, take a look.

Essential Oils
Essential oils take herbal medicine one step further by distilling the natural oils from the herbs into a concentrated form that is easily applied.  Throughout all recorded history man has valued essential oils for their healing properties.  Just browsing through the Bible you will find many references to anointing with healing oils, scented oils and other special oils.  As with herbal treatments, the use of essential oils is being rediscovered today by many people.  Essential oils are good for health and healing and an added benefit of the essential oils is that they sure smell wonderful!