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Liz Sue's Skin Care Experiment

Liz Sue’s Enfuselle Experience

I began using skin care and make-up when I was 15 years old.  I would spend an hour in the bathroom, looking at a magazine studying make-up techniques and applying my makeup all different ways.  I thought I did a pretty good job on the eye makeup especially.

When I was 20 years old, I was approached by a woman who let me know that it was obvious that I was putting blush on my face without the use of foundation and that it did not look good.  Hmm.  A few weeks later, I was approached by another woman who asked if I would like to have a makeover.  I figured I better since apparently I had some things to learn.

She showed me a pink skin care and make up line, and while she worked with me, she gave me many more tips.  I decided to not only use this system, but to start to sell it.  I sold it and/or used it for 18 years.  The main point in using the skin care for me was that I would be protecting my skin and looking good along the way with the use of the make-up.

When I was introduced to Shaklee products in 2000, I was told about the Enfuselle Skin Care line.  I was definitely not interested.  I had the stuff that I loved and was very loyal to it.  However, when I decided to build a business in 2001, it was suggested that I might want to give my opinion about the skin care line.  I knew what my opinion was going to be.  I was NOT going to like that Shaklee stuff.  But, I decided to test their stuff so that I could give a fact-based opinion.

I decided to do half my face.  I gave the left side to Enfuselle. This was my worst side because it was always in the sun when I drove.  I got the entire skin care system.  I continued using MY product line on the right side.  And, so the experiment began.  I only used the products that were similar so that I could get a fair summary of any changes.

In 2 days, I noticed a difference on the left side.  I was surprised because the crow’s feet started to smooth out.  I could not help but think that the C&E PM was an amazing nighttime moisturizer.
30 days later I could see that there was a definite difference in the quality of the skin on the left hand side.  But now, I was really mad!  I did NOT want that Shaklee stuff to win!!  I knew that there were skin care lines which worked for 8-10 weeks and then stop working.  So, I decided that I would continue my experiment until three months had passed.

After 3 months, I conceded defeat.  The left side looked really good.  The right side had not changed one bit.  I was afraid I was going to start looking like a stroke victim because the left side was so much better looking and healthier looking.  The right side was saggy looking and definitely had wrinkles.  The Shaklee skin care system had officially beaten my stuff!

About 6-9 months later, I went to a Shaklee Science Fair.  They had a machine that allowed me to see my face at the surface level and a layer below.  I was the youngest person standing in line at the age of 35.  Turned out I had the WORST skin of all.  The scientist told me that I had SEVERE Sun Damage. 
I argued with him vehemently.  “I have been taking care of my face for 18 years to avoid ever having to hear those words!”  His response was for me to look at the screen again.  Nobody else had that kind of skin.  Grrr.  I asked him what I could do about it.  He told me to use C&E PM Repair.  I asked how much.  He said, “A tube a day.”

He was kind of joking, but kind of not.  I got mad…again.  This time it was because of the sense of betrayal I felt: That skin care line that I had used for 18 years and had trusted to protect my face had not lived up to what it said it was doing!  In fact, it had allowed my skin to seriously age and be dramatically damaged.  That was the last straw for me for any loyalty I had ever felt toward my old product line.
 Soon after, the Minerelles make-up line was introduced. I dumped all my old stuff and moved forward into the land of healing and repair work. No botox or face lift needed: Just the vitamin-filled products that Shaklee absolutely guaranteed.
The health of my skin continued to improve and the next year I had it tested again at a Shaklee Science Fair. My skin moisture had improved greatly, but still needed some more time to heal. I was okay with this kind of feedback. In fact, I was thrilled, because even a year later, the products were obviously still working!

In 2009, I went to a high end spa and had a facial treatment. The aestitician was impressed with the quality of my skin. She asked what I used and was not surprised to hear that it was Shaklee. She thought I was using a high end product. Then, she told me about how other skin care and make up lines cause all sorts of under-the-skin eruptions. When she mentioned my old product line as one of the culprits, I just shook my head. Can you imagine how much worse my face would be if I had continued using that line?

I am so glad that I changed brands and started using Shaklee’s Enfuselle Skin Care System and the Minerelles Make-up line. My skin is happier and healthier for it! I like looking in the mirror and seeing healthier skin with less wrinkles and fewer fine lines. I intend to look as young as I feel as long as I can.

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