Sunday, June 5, 2011

Handcyclist and Wheelchair Racer: Craig Blanchette

Craig Blanchette is unstoppable. A four-time winner of the Portland (Ore.) Marathon, he holds 21 world records in elite wheelchair racing and a bronze medal from the Games in Seoul. Indeed, Craig knows what it takes to succeed and admits that although winning is great, it’s not everything. Rather, passion is what fuels him to do what he does. “It’s now or never,” he says. “You have to decide what you are made of.” A double amputee since birth and an inspiration to many, Craig has shown that there are no limits as to what one can achieve. He was inducted into the Oregon Disabled Sports Hall of Fame in 2009 and, like Kevin Hansen (his coach of 15 years), Craig dedicates his time to training other wheelchair racers—that is when he’s not skateboarding, rock climbing, or scuba diving. Craig credits part of his athletic achievements to proper nutrition and is a huge fan of Shaklee Physique. He says, “Physique allows me to have better quality workouts, to get better performance out of the same amount of work, and to recover more quickly.”

Craig's Favorite Shaklee Products

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