Monday, December 27, 2010

Essential Nutrition

If you’re like 9 out of 10 Americans, you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, which can really affect your health down the line. That’s a great reason to supplement what you eat. But the important question is, how do you feel today? Your answer should be nothing short of fantastic.

Proper nutrition has been proven to be the solution for many common illnesses and diseases in the world.  Consider years ago when sailors and others deprived of fresh fruits and vegetables would often suffer from scurvy.  What a terrible illness this was to suffer and die from.  The simple solution to scurvy is Vitamin C.  And research shows that Vitamin C is responsible for much more than simply warding off scurvy!  Think of all the reports you have heard lately about Vitamin D, Calcium, Protein, Antioxidants and others.  These are the key building blocks for our bodies to grow, repair, resist disease and heal.

Years ago when our grandparents grew up on their own homegrown foods, those foods were more nutrient dense than our foods are today.  The industrialization of our food production has brought us an abundance of food but without the abundance of it's nutritional value.  Eating an apple today is just not the same as eating an apple in the old days.  We'd have to eat 3 apples today to give our bodies the same nutritional contents as a single apple back then.  Plus, our apples now come to us laden with pesticides and other chemicals that don't do our bodies any good.  Supplementing our diet, even when we maintain a healthy and well balanced meals, brings tremendous benefits in how we feel, how we fight illnesses and how we live life.  I know that I want to live well as long as I'm alive.

It's critical that when we choose our nutritional supplements that we choose supplements that are food based, and not chemical based.  Our bodies were designed to recognize foods and those foods were created to contain all we need for a healthy life. When we consume chemicals developed in a lab our bodies look don't recognize them quite the same and simply passes the chemicals right along without utilizing them like we hope.  Our bodies recognize and require organic food based supplements.

It takes a while for our lifestyle choices to catch up with us.  Consider smoking:  One can smoke for quite some time before developing emphysema or cancer.  That's why I often say that "Our health in 20 years is our report card for how we're living today."  We may not reap the benefits (or destruction) of our choices today for quite some time.  That's why it's important to take good care of ourselves today. 

If you can't honestly say that today you feel "Fantastic!" then something is likely amiss and it's time to seriously consider nutritional supplementation.  Food based nutritional supplements are a critical key to optimal health today, and tomorrow.  Shaklee is the most reputable manufacturer of natural whole food based supplements available, with over 50 years in the industry and studies documenting the long term differences between Shaklee supplement users and other supplement users.  Many of our products are also certified kosher and/or gluten free.

If you're like me, you want to live well your whole life.  I believe that what we do today is the single most important factor for how we live tomorrow.  So, let's give our bodies the nutrition, the exercise and the rest we require to live full, active and beneficial lives through to the very end.  Take a look at what is available for your healthy nutrition. 

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