Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Shaklee Difference for Sports Nutrition

Are you ready to take your workout to another level? With the newly repackaged and rebranded Shaklee Sports Nutrition products coming in just a few days, it's a great time to remind ourselves what sets the Shaklee Sports products apart from the competition.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition products are made only with safe ingredients, not like the commercially available sports drinks and energy products.  Why do something healthy, like work out, and then put junk into your body?  It doesn't make sense.  Shaklee Sports Nutrition offers you a healthy alternative.

Shaklee Sports Nutrition has powered adventurers to the North and to the South Poles, ocean voyages, human powered flight, and astronauts as well as Olympic and professional athletes. In fact, seven of Time-Life's Greatest Adventures of All Time were fueled by Shaklee.  Now those are some serious physical performers, and they all use Shaklee products to help keep them healthy and in tip-top shape.  So whether you're getting in shape or taking your game to the next level, Shaklee has the safe and healthy products to help meet your goals.

Shaklee Energy™ - Use before your workout to help sustain energy, improve performance, stay alert, sharpen focus and improve mood.
Shaklee Energy is made with only safe ingredients, while other energy drinks and shots contain:
  • Artificial colors, like red #40, yellow #6
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners, like Ace-K, aspartame, sucralose
  • Artificial preservatives, like sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, EDTA
  • High sugar and high calories

      Shaklee Performance® - Use during your workout to minimize fluid loss for enhanced hydration, maintain blood-glucose levels to sustain intense energy output, and increase endurance for better athletic performance.
      Shaklee Performance stands up to the competition offering:
      • Sustained energy
      • Six hydrating electrolytes, including calcium and magnesium
      • No artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, aspartame
      • No artificial flavors
      • No synthetic colorants or stabilizers, including yellow #5, yellow #6, blue #1, red #40, brominated vegetable oil, glycerol ester of wood rosin

        Shaklee Physique® - Use after your workout to allow your body to absorb a full spectrum of amino acids over time, help build firm, lean muscles, help restore muscle energy and support muscle repair.  You will finish strong with Physique.
        Here's what you WON’T find in Physique but you do find in other 'muscle building' products:
        • Banned substances, such as steroids and stimulants
        • Excessive protein, which can cause dehydration and digestive challenges and offers a suboptimal recovery profile
        • Artificial sweeteners
        • Artificial flavors
        • Synthetic colorants

        Shaklee Sports Nutrition - everything you need and nothing you don't!

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