Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Significant Diabetes, Neuropathy and Hypertension Improvement

Shirley's Story
I have known about Shaklee for years now, in fact, I used to be a Distributor way back when … just so I could buy the products at a discounted price!  They did the business quite differently back then, so, when my supplier (up-line) moved away, and then her up-line, I lost track of the product.  My favorite was Basic H and had horded it for years, being very selective where I used it, not to run out.  It goes a VERY long way, so that made it much easier.
The end of April, 2010, a friend approached me about Shaklee.  Needless-to-say, I was so excited and said, “I want to buy the largest bottle of Basic H”!  Then she went on to tell me about a relatively new product, Vivix … an anti-aging tonic that has had amazing results for so many.  After reading the Testimonials, felt I needed to try it to see if it would help any of my medical problems.
To explain:  I have diabetes and the neuropathy was getting increasingly worse, keeping we awake much of the night for months.  I had been to the Podiatrist (an excellent doctor … I always do the research to find the best doctor’s for me and my family), and she said, “I know exactly what you need for your problem”.  When reading the side effects of this med, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take it at all!  After about a week thinking about it, I phoned the pharmacist.  When she read the side effects she said, “I can certainly understand why you would be hesitant, however, the dosage is so small that it would probably be fine for you to try.”  I will say … it did work!  However, on the 6th day taking this medication, I was at a dinner with 14 ladies from my Sunday School.  Someone started talking about this particular medication.  Of the 14 ladies, 6 had been given this drug, and all 6 said they had terrible problems with their memory while taking this product!  One of the ladies said her doctor said ... “That drug should be taken off the market!”  That is NOT one of the side effects listed.  I immediately stopped taking this drug and advised my doctor what had transpired.  She had not heard of this! She said there were other drugs I could try, but I declined.
One of the many Testimonials people wrote in about who took Vivix had to do with neuropathy which prompted me to try it.  I received my order the first week in May, 2010 and immediately began taking my 1 teaspoon of Vivix the next morning.  Ironically, and quite hard for me to believe, that first night, I noticed my feet were calmer, plus, I slept through the night which hadn’t happened in months!  Within the first 4 days, my neuropathy was gone!  Wow!  What a blessing!
Probably 14 years ago, had a problem with my right hand and arm going to sleep.  It was extremely bothersome!  A friend told me to take B-12 which I have been doing all these years, and that did the trick. However, several months ago, it came back like gang-busters!   Because of Vivix, that, too, is gone!
I also have high blood pressure!  My blood pressure is doing great!  In fact, I was in the doctor’s office a week ago and he was so excited about my blood pressure!  He asked what I had been doing differently.  I told him, “Vivix”!  After explaining about Vivix, and what it has done for me, and, after he checked my blood-work, he REALLY got excited!  In addition to everything else, it had dropped my A1C from 7.2 to 6.2 in this short length of time which was really exciting!  I get blood-work done every 3 months, and unfortunately, I’m not very good at following the eating guidelines for diabetics, in fact, for some reason, I was on a really big candy, cookie, and bread binge for about a month prior to my last blood-work! 
I am 72 years “young”, and although I don’t want to live forever, I would love to have a good quality of life while on this earth.  By using Shaklee products, I do believe my chances of making this happen have sharpened.  You actually FEEL the difference on these products, and I have never felt any difference while taking other supplements, and I have taken vitamins for years.
I am a true believer in ALL the Shaklee products I have used, because they DO make a difference … and Vivix is probably my favorite because of what it has done for me.  It is truly an amazing product because it does different things for different people!  As Dr. Shaklee once said, “You give the body what it needs and it will heal itself!”  What an awesome visionary he was!!!
I have used the word “I” an awful lot in “My Story” which I don’t like to do, however, this is all about “me”, so it was hard to phrase otherwise.  One more thing … I am so excited to find a company who truly believes in doing everything possible to provide the best possible results from their products, and spends millions each year to make SURE everything meets their high standards of excellence, which has made them #1 in the industry.  In today’s time, that is almost unheard of! 
I urge anyone who is interested in maintaining good health … the natural way, and keeping our planet green, to get connected with Shaklee.  Not to mention … the “Opportunity Plan"!  If one is interested, it is absolutely awesome ... like none other! It is truly a company you will be proud to be a part of, and, to be able to share “your story” with others is a "feel good" experience.
                                                                                                Shirley M, GA.

Vivix (kosher)

Basic H (kosher)

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