Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fantastic and Incredible Improvement In Young Child


Carmen Wainwright, RN shares this story:
Jessie is a 9 year old with a learning disability. She has trouble focusing and reading. Many test have proven she is not Autistic, Mentally Retarded or Aspergers Syndrome. She is just a little slow. When she draws a stick person she may have the arms coming out of the head or legs from the torso in the wrong place. That is just the way she sees it in her little mind. Then Mighty Smart and Incredivites came along.
Her mom ordered on the first day it was available. Jessie was pumped up on her shipment of special vitamins just for her. She was so excited. Then they arrived on May 13th. She loved the way they tasted. It was her package. She started on them that day.
May 25th she was watching a cartoon educational show on the platypus. They demonstrated how to draw the animal. After the show she told her mom she was going to draw a platypus. She drew it perfectly!!! Her mom was so happy she said this one was for the refrigerator. She never had been able to draw like this before!
On May 26th Jessie was doing her reading. This is difficult for her. She was sounding out her words for her mom. Her focus seemed to be much better than usual. Then she came to the word look which she did not sound out. Mom noticed she had not and asked her why she had not sounded it out. She replied "that was one of my spelling words from yesterday". Jessie has not been capable of having this memory before. Mom said she got tears in her eyes at this point. She states that Jessie is just a different child since the vitamins. 
Mom anticipates Jessie will have a very improved reading capability by the beginning school year in August.
This is just the beginning of the life of Jessie and all the other children in the world who desperately need Might Smart and Incredivites!!

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