Tuesday, December 21, 2010

122 Point Drop in Cholesterol!

I just had to tell you about my results with the Shaklee product, I am completely floored and so was my doctor. She had me go in last Monday to check my liver because I was on 10 mg of Lipitor. I knew that she wanted to increase my dose of Lipitor and suspected she would check my cholesterol while I was in there. So the week before I went in, I kicked up the Shaklee Fiber Plan to 3x a day and took the Cholesterol Reduction Complex religiously.
Well...I went back today and got my results. The doctor had told me that the only way she wasn't goin to increase my medication dosage was if it was reduced by more than 50 points but that a typical reslut would be a reduction between 30/50 on the Lipitor alone. Well...my overall cholesterol went from 280 to 158, and my bad cholesterol went from 193 to 88. I told her what else I was doing because she couldn't believe it! She said to stay on the Lipitor for 4 mor months and then go foo for two months and see how it looks only on the Shaklee, and if it is ok, I can get off the meds. My cholesterol has been over 200 for years, I can't remember it ever being this low!
Lisa C.

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