Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Severe Allergies Helped Naturally

I'm allergic to pollen, dust, grass, weed, trees, feathers, fun, certain scents, dogs, cats and certain food (citrus, fish, cashews or anything processed in a plant with tree nuts). I also have asthma. I suffered oozy itchy rashes on my hands so bad I could hardly bend my fingers and couldn't work as a nail tech. For years I would break out all over my body every time the wind blew. I was always getting nosebleeds. I was constantly sick with bronchitis, and pretty much had no vice for 4-6 months out of the year. I tried over the counter, and every prescription med, inhalers, nose sprays, you name it. Zyrtec worked the best but made me absolutely crazy and I had to quit taking it. I was getting allergy shots for a while and they helped a lot, but the series were sporadic, due to red tape in the MediCal system, and a couple times I had anaphylactic reactions to the shots which was really scary! The last time MediCal stopped my shots was when the Nutriferon first cam out. I was freaking about the shots because if I didn't get them every week, I'd be back to the same symptoms and end up with bronchitis and losing my voice, etc.
I was a non-committed Shaklee user, but decided to give the Nutriferon a try at the urging of my sponsor. My gosh, what a difference! I doubled up on it the first few days, then took two a day regularly for a long time. I did go without it for about a week at one point, and that is where I really saw the difference because the symptoms came back!
Other than that, I've been basically symptom free since I started taking the Nutriferon, and I've gotten friends who were distributors for other companies taking it for their allergies and asthma because they saw the difference in me an dhow much better I was since I started taking the Nutriferon. I've only been taking one a day for a while now, along with the foundation vitamins (Vitalizer & Protein), plus Alfalfa & Calcium.
I have seven children, one with severe allergies who also takes Nutriferon. My oldest daughter, who is in college in Santa Cruz, takes it every day and she was the only on in school that didn't get sick the whole year, except once, and that time she recovered really fast when she double up on the Nutriferon. The other kids take it when others around them are getting sick at school and work. It feels good to be able to go outside on a beautiful day and not be afraid of breaking out in a rash. I even go outside when it is windy and still have my voice! Recently I went on a five-mile hike when everything was blooming and didn't even sneeze or get wheezy! Nutriferon is amazing stuff - I can't help but be excited about it!
God Bless the doctor who developed it!
T. Colvin

Nutriferon (kosher)

Protein (kosher)

Alfalfa (kosher)

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