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Women's Health Solutions

All women are on one side or the other of menopause.  Either you've already begun to experience this phase of life or you haven't reached this point yet.  As women mature, the most pressing health concern is menopause. Menopause is inevitable, it is unavoidable, and it can be extremely difficult. There are 35 known health effects associated with menopause including [1]:
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Increased wrinkles
  • Weight gain and muscle loss (sarcopenia)
  • Memory issues
It's inevitable.  What are some things we can do to help make this transition a little easier?

The Women's Health Solutions is a package of 3 different supplements, though you can also get them individually.  These package is a blend of critical vitamins & minerals, herbs and oils.  OsteoMatrix is a kosher vitamin & mineral calcium complex which is critical for the maintaining of strong and healthy bone mass.  Osteoporosis is common in older women and if we are able to maintain strong and healthy bones throughout our lives we significantly reduce the risk of developing this dreaded disease. The GLA Complex is an essential oil blend that helps maintain a sense of well being throughout the monthly cycle (for pre or post menopausal hormonal balance).  It helps to regulate and normalize the systems.

The third is what makes the difference between the Women's Health Solutions for younger women and Women's Health Solutions for menopausal women.

For younger women the third supplement in the package is Stress Relief Complex. Stress Relief Complex is a kosher blend of herbs that aid our bodies in dealing with stress.  When we are under stress our bodies produce the hormone cortisol which has been linked to long-term negative health impacts.  The herbs in this complex help the body to resist the damage that cortisol does and allows the body to utilize the nutrients you give it more efficiently while you're in a stressful period.

For menopausal women, the Menopause Balance Complex is the third supplement.  It helps to regulate hormone balance and reduce hot flashes, mood swings and occasional sleeplessness. This herbal blend is also currently being studied for heart, bone, and breast health because the compounds in the Menopause Balance Complex have shown promising results in these areas and have been used in alternative treatments for some time now.

Valor is an essential oil blend that helps ease tension and encourages your feelings of strength, courage and self-esteem that may be struggling.  It has a wonderful aroma and is what I keep in my purse at all times. When tension creeps up, the Valor Roll-On comes out while I take a minute to relax and apply it to the back of my neck and wrists.

Progesterone—a naturally-occurring human hormone—can combat or decrease many of these negative effects. Progesterone is known to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, as the body ages levels of progesterone decrease. In order to stay healthy, it is recommended that most women supplement their progesterone levels. [1]  The progesterone creams from the pharmacy are good, but they're better when they aren't mixed with all the extra stuff.  Progessence is an essential oil/serum called and it has an associated cream. They don't require you to switch the application sites like other creams do.

Our health is important to us.   If we begin to care for ourselves now, we will only reap benefits in the future.  Whether you're years away from menopause, are entering this stage of life or have passed through the difficult stages, these natural products can help bring your body balance - and when your body is balanced it's easier to be happy and stress-free!

If you are interested in learning more about these products or would like to order them for yourself, just click on the link for each product.  The links will take you to further information where you will find a link to place an order or the links will take you directly to my online store.   And, as always, please
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