Monday, December 27, 2010


Valor® is a blend of essential oils that encourages your feelings of strength, courage and self-esteem that may be struggling.  That may sound like some form of witch-craft to those who are unfamiliar with the chemistry of it, but it works the same way that chamomile tea at bedtime helps relieve stress and promote restful sleep or chocolate "makes you feel better".  The Valor blend has become known for it's qualities that help strengthen an individual internally. 

In the past three days alone I have shared Valor with quite a few friends for various reasons.  One friend was feeling very stressed out and was commenting on tension in the shoulders.  I asked if they would like to try some Valor Essential Oil and they agreed.  Shortly after this they remarked that they were feeling better all around.  Later we were at dinner with friends where headaches abounded in our friends family that night.  Two people tried the Valor, it was the only oil I had on hand, and both of them rejoined us after a few minutes of rest in another room saying they felt much better.  Then we were gathered with family and a relative was mentioning a nagging tension and pain in her shoulder.  Again, we offered the Valor Roll-On and again we were pleased to hear about the relief she noticed rather quickly. 

The essential oils that are contained in this blend have been known for centuries to be anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, muscle relaxing, generally relaxing and more.  The roll-on applicator is tremendously convenient to carry in a pocket or in a purse and it makes application of the essential oil incredibly simple - just turn the bottle and roll it on.  Voila!  Simple as can be!

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  1. At FaceBook I was asked:
    "Help me understand how the properties ' anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, muscle relaxing, generally relaxing' equate with 'strength, courage and self esteem'. The first set seem to be body processes being affected and the latter set seem to be subjective "moods". (I am assuming the 'strength' is not physical strength in this case, but more strength of character, as it relates to courage and self esteem. ) I am a 'family herbalist' so I am into this kinda stuff."

    My reply to my friend was this:
    "Yes, the strength mentioned is an inner strength like you thought.

    They are two different types of effects that the oils have. Look at chamomile for example: It is an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and others. This is why it's good for allergies (inflammation) as well as a topical treatment for scrapes and wounds. However it is also noted for it's calming and soothing effects, emotionally.

    Valor is a blend of spruce leaf oil, rosewood oil, frankencense oil and a few others. Each of them will have effects that range from anti-inflammatory to antiseptic to a balance of the hypothalamus which effects our emotions. Really, everything has an effect on our hypothalamus, even our thoughts. It's a very sensitive organ (?) deep in our brain. Whether we eat a strawberry or hate someone or run a mile, it will all affect the hypothalamus in one way or another. So it makes sense that herbs would affect it too.

    I've been a family herbalist for a few years myself. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? :o)"