Sunday, January 23, 2011

$300 is all they needed...

$300 a month. 

What kind of impact might that make in your home? 

Did you know that bankruptcy statistics show that the average family could have avoided the need to file bankruptcy if they had an extra $300 a month in income?  $300 a month - that's all most families need to pull out of the downward financial spiral. 

Working from home is a great opportunity where you can earn $300 a month and more, all depending on how much effort you put into your business.  Of course you may not make several hundred dollars in the first month, but you can make something and get started.  Each month as you work on your business, you can earn more than the previous month.  I think the hardest part of working for yourself at home is just getting started.  Once you have momentum, it's just a matter of keeping that momentum going and working to grow your business.  The excitement and energy comes as you see your home based businesses start to grow, and grow some more and then still more!

Start by finding a subject that you're interested in and passionate about.  Once you do, it's not too hard to get started.
  Health & wellness is a topic that is growing by leaps and bounds as people begin to understand the importance of preventative care and maintenance of our health.  Many of us are interested in moving away from pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible and toward more natural treatments for our ailments and regular health maintenance. Then there's the movement in our society to be more aware of our environmental impact and the increasing use of "green" products for cleaning our homes.  It's important to take care not only ourselves but our planet as well.  The fastest growing industries right now are in the areas of health & wellness and environmentally friendly products.  And in every recession, work from home businesses have grown by leaps and bounds and most people who start their own businesses in a recession and stick with it and are excited with the results from their home based business for years to come.

Most stay-at-home moms can do a small business from home and schedule their business meetings around their family's schedule.   Even working at a home business opportunity as a part-time second job isn't too difficult for many people. As you consider different opportunities for your own home based business, be sure to look at businesses that have been around for a long time and are well established.  Start-up companies don't tend to last very long for a whole variety of reasons. 

Shaklee is a wonderful opportunity if you are considering a home based business.  With over 50 years as America's top natural nutrition company, over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research and development, over 100 scientific papers with more than 90% of them published in peer reviewed journals (that's a big deal in the scientific community!), over 83,000 product quality tests annually and more - you can rest assured that Shaklee comfortable stands behind each of their products with confidence that they will always work, they are always safe and they are always green.  You can buy your own business for less than $40 or move into the international market for under $300. There's never any inventory you need to keep on hand and with your own online store your customers can order directly from their home computers. With Shaklee's 100% product satisfaction guarantee, what do you (and your customers) have to lose? 

$300 a month.  What kind of impact might that make in your home?  It's a good place to start.  The exciting thing is that once you've earned a few hundred dollars a month it's not too hard to continue with your business and earn more each month.  Soon you're well above the minimum your family needed just to make ends meet and you've created a satisfying business for yourself that you can really enjoy.  The opportunities are endless.  Take a look...

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