Monday, December 20, 2010

Work From Your Own Home

Do you believe in safe, natural, organic, biodegradable and earth friendly products?  Is your health and the health of your family and loved ones an important subject for you? Are you interested in earning some extra income working from home?

Can you relate to the Heins?

Take a look at Shaklee, it just might be the home based business that's right for you.

The Shaklee Opportunity

Shaklee Background

Shaklee is a company that has been around since 1956.  Dr. Forrest Shaklee was certainly way ahead of his time when he created his company based on the "natural" and "green" products that he was so passionate about.  For over 50 years now Shaklee has been leading the way in the areas of natural health care products and sustainable business practices.  Shaklee has developed a wide range of products to choose from.  Our longevity in the social marketing world shows that there's something significant to the products and the company model.  The average person using our products has been a Shaklee customer for over 20 years, and counting.  That's the kind of longevity Shaklee products develop.  That's the kind of longevity that home based business owners need.

Through their own scientific advisory board, Shaklee has over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research and product development.  Shaklee has had over 100 scientific papers published, 90 of them in peer-reviewed journals.   They run 83,000 tests annually for product quality to ensure that the quality of Shaklee products far exceed industry standards.

And Shaklee isn't a business available just in the United States.  Shaklee has worldwide name recognition and is operating in six international markets.  Shaklee just keeps growing and reaching more and more people.

Social Marketing

Shaklee products are sold through social marketing.  Instead of advertising, wholesalers, and retailers Shaklee puts their energy into their products and the people who make them available to their friends and family.  When we find a restaurant we like or a movie we enjoyed, we tend to tell our friends about it because we think they'll like it too.  That's the same principle that your Shaklee business operates on.  It's about changing brands of products you already buy, changing where you shop for them.  When you find that you really appreciate a particular product and the impact it has had on you and your loved ones you're inclined to tell people about it.  When you find you appreciate the Shaklee products, you'll be inclined to mention it to people you know.  It's all about finding people who are interested in changing where they shop, too.  These days the health & wellness industry and the "green revolution" continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Shaklee has been a pioneer in both markets and has maintained an excellent reputation in those markets for more than 50 years.   Because Shaklee doesn't spend money on advertising they are able to focus on extensive research leading to top quality product development and over 50% of the profit goes to the distributors, like me.

Earning Money

With Shaklee you earn money through retail sales, bonuses based on your group's sales, bonuses when a new business is started under you, leadership bonuses and bonuses on a revolutionary Shaklee product called Vivix.  You get paid from the organization that you build with your Shaklee business.  There is no limit to how large your Shaklee business can grow, you get paid based on all the levels of business done in your organization to infinity.

This video is a Shaklee business presentation "on a napkin", as if you and I were sitting across the table from one another.

Shaklee Products

Shaklee products are "Always Safe, Always Green and Always Work" and are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Shaklee products are natural, biodegradable, organic and earth friendly.  Made from sustainable natural products, they are produced in condensed form so there is less packaging waste.  There are nutritional product lines, beauty product lines and household cleaning products as well as specialty cleaning products.  There are products specified for children, kosher certified products, products designed for athletes and for weight management.  Every product that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work without compromise, and be gentle on the planet.

I invite you to check out Project MAHMA and to Join Me in Shaklee and start a business for yourself.  But if you're not quite ready yet and want more information, contact me and I'd be happy to talk to you about starting your own Shaklee business.  The opportunities are limitless if you want to work from home with Shaklee.  It's all up to you - your own schedule, your own boss, your own income.  It will take some effort but your efforts are directly related to your own benefit.

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