Monday, December 20, 2010

You, Me and the US Olympic Teams!

** Originally posted March 18, 2010

21 Olympic medals this year for the US Ski and Snowboard teams, it's a record breaking year.  Congratulations athletes.

The United States Olympic ski & snowboard teams trainer, Troy Flanagan, wrote a letter thanking Shaklee for the nutritional support that the olympic athletes receive from Shaklee nutritional products.  And looking at the Team Biography, it appears that the 2010 Olympic athletes did better than ever!

I'm no Olympic athlete and you probably aren't either.  But I do enjoy being physically active and feeling good both before, during and after exercise.  Maybe you are more dedicated to your exercise routine than I am, or maybe you're more serious about a particular sport or activity.  I can only imagine how the rest of us might preform better and recover better with a similar nutritional program.  Take a look at Shaklee's Sports Nutrition or Energy products, or take a look at the vast array of Shaklee nutritional products that are available.   Both the letter and the Team Biography list the various products that the Olympic athletes prefer.

You can rest easy knowing that Shaklee is
  • the #1 natural nutrition company in the USA
  • has over $250 million invested in clinical testing, research and developmentruns more than 83,000 tests annually for product quality 
  • has over 100 scientific papers published, 90 of them in peer-reviewed journals
    maintains quality far beyond industry standards
  • If sports nutrition is your thing, take a look at what has worked for the United States Olympic Ski and Snowboard Teams and give it a shot for yourself.

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