Thursday, May 19, 2011

She uses Get Clean for her Cleaning Company, and loves it!

Hello, My name is Lil C. and I own two cleaning companies in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am writing this letter because of my appreciation for Shaklee cleaning products.  As a cleaning company I would highly recommend the products because they not only cost less but they clean much better,
not to mention the safety to my people.

In the last five years I have tried many other products, including Amway and the Price Club.  The cost in some cases were doubled;  Price Club products cost me $539.00 per year, Amway cost me $378.00 a year, and Shaklee costs me only $176.55 per year.

 I know many small businesses and homes try to save money by shopping sales in town.  I was one of those people.  Then I was challenged to use Shaklee products for six months to see if I could save money.  Well, I did and I am here to say Shaklee products will safe you money too.  I know that Shaklee products are helping me to accomplish my goals.  Without Shaklee products we’d just be another cleaning company.       ~ Lil C.

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