Friday, April 8, 2011

Jennifer's Allergies Have Improved!

At 14, Jennifer had suffered from allergies and received allergy shots for the past 8 years (since she was 6!).  She lacked energy and I had to pull her out of bed on school days.  I didn't realize what a negative impact the drugs were having on her.  After being introduced to Shaklee, I realized Jennifer's immune system needed help BIG TIME!  Her program included NutriFeron, Vita C, Vita-Lea and Soy Protein.  It wasn't long before she was bouncing out of bed on her own.  Her allergies improved and there was a remarkable change in her energy level and appetite.  I removed all store bought cleaning products and replaced them with Shaklee's non-toxic Get Clean products.  I was convinced Shaklee was the answer - and I still am!  Thank you Shaklee!!
  ~ Barbara

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