Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting Healthy Instead of Having Surgery

When my daughter was 5 she had swollen glands behind her ears.  The doctor said removing her adenoids might help.  I didn't want to start the antibiotic routine and surgery was too drastic so I made some adjustments to her life.  I took her off milk and started her on Cinch shakes (mixed with water).  They have much more nourishment than soy milk.  She had a glass twice a day, at breakfast and lunch.  It was also great nutritional insurance in case she didn't finish her meal.  I found she could tolerate some dairy products:  cheese and ice cream in small quantities.  Whenever she drank milk, she would get bad breath and a thrush effect on her tongue.

Next, I increased her daily vitamins to 3 Chewable Vita C and Children's Vita-Lea both three times a day, 5 Alfalfa tablets, fiber and additional water.  I also made sure that she washed her hands frequently with Meadow BlendShe never had swollen glands again and her colds were less severe.  Now at age 13, she knows what she needs, when to take it and very rarely gets sick.  I'm so glad we chose a natural program that created results!  The medical community is now admitting these surgeries aren't the answer.
  ~  Barbara

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