Sunday, December 26, 2010

Garlic Complex

Oh, the wonders of garlic!!  For millennia people of many cultures have sung the praises of this wonder herb.  It has been credited with curing everything from the common cold and the flu to protecting people from the Plague.  Modern science has revealed that garlic is a wonderful natural broad-spectrum antibiotic and an anti-fungal whose only negative side effect is garlic-breath and a possibly upset stomach if one ingests too much.

Studies have also shown that garlic promotes cardiovascular health by helping to maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels when included with a diet low in fat and cholesterol.  Garlic has also been used to treat parasites, respiratory problems, poor digestion, and low energy and Garlic has been shown to reduce blood sugar, support the immune system and support beneficial microorganisms.

Garlic Complex combines the benefits of garlic with the antioxidant properties of Spearmint and Rosemary. 

Garlic Complex is a wonderful garlic tablet that is a unique Shaklee combination of 1 gm Garlic, 3 mg Spearmint Oil and 50 mg Rosemary Extract to provide optimal benefits in heart health, maintaining healthy levels of beneficial microorganisms as well as all the other amazing benefits of Garlic that have been noted through the ages.  Garlic Complex is both Kosher and Gluten Free.

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