Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Lyme Disease Story

This story is ... wow!
I contracted lyme in 1990 in Arkansas, a state as many are told does not have lyme disease. I found the tick so therefore I knew I had lyme. I developed everyone of the lyme symptoms, but could not get a Dr to believe it was lyme. In 1992 we moved to upstate NY and in 1994 when things really got bad for me I finally found a Dr to diagnosis me and basically couldn't believe with my symptoms that no one else would treat me for this. I received at that time 4 weeks of doxy which temporarily helped with things like the black outs, but nothing else. As time went on I got really scared. I actually thought I had Ms because the symptoms were so bad. Well it continued to get worse to the point I was now bedridden. Test showed I was "Full of Arthritis". They put me in physical therapy for 3x weekly and told me to get use to it.

To give you a little background on myself, prior to contracted lyme in 1990, I was an extremely active person. Did century rides on my bike, ran 3 miles daily, swam, lifted weights, you name it. Nothing in this world would ever slow me down. Little did I know how severe this disease could be. In fact when I found the tick on me, after collapsing in a store totally paralyzed, my husband was more upset then I because he knew more about lyme. No little tick was going to get me down. When you are lying in bed it gives you lots of time to think and read which is exactly what I did. Prior to contracting lyme I had used supplements, but nothing major. In fact I want to clear the air right now this is not about selling anything, it is about what worked for me and why I use a certain brand - Shaklee. I had used the Shaklee multi and that was it, but had seen this product do wonderful things for others in my family, including my son who was so sick from birth.

So I thought it was time to test this stuff on me. Through my research I discovered a lot about the immune system and how critical it is to any disease to keep it running correctly. I learned a lot about environmental toxins, the foods we eat and what is in them and on and on. So I watched what I ate, MEGA-dosed on supplements, drank lots of water to flush my system and hydrate me, and learned to listen to my body. So began my recovery. I was up and walking again in a short period of time and a lot of the other symptoms started to disappear. The longer I did what I did the better I got. Below is a list of what I take and why. Please understand I am not into these so called miracle cures. I believe if the body is fed what it needs it will take care of itself. After all we are made of nothing but protein, vitamins, minerals, water, fats, carbos. The problem being is so much of our food is depleted of these things and heavily saturated with chemicals it suppressed the immune function.

This is what I take:
Soy Protein (kosher) - You can not build a cell without protein as well it needed to repair tissue cells

Vita Lea (kosher) - Best all round multi-vitamin

Vita C (kosher) - This is probably my favorite and I megadose on this. So good for the immune system and fighting infections.

B-complex (kosher) - Converts food to energy, builds red blood cells, and helped withmy neuro damage.

Nutriferon (kosher) - This is designed specifically for the immune system.

Garlic (kosher) - Again great for the immune system as well as the heart. I had developed heart complications.

Lecithin - It is a fat emulsifier for the heart problems. As well it got my liver enzymes back to normal.

Alfalfa (kosher) - Great for arthritis as well as allergy problems which I developed after the lyme. Also great for fighting infections.

Fiber (kosher) - For the obvious reasons, digestion. It is so critical to have a properly running digestive tract to rid the body of toxins. If the body does not flush the toxins out it will reinfest itself. Americans are the most constipated people in the world.

Herb-Lax (kosher) - Again for the obvious reason, but as well this product cleanses lymph glands and blood stream.

OsteoMatrix (kosher) - This stopped the muscle spasms

Optiflora - For intestinal bacteria

Vita E (kosher) - For heart and immune function

Beta Carotene - Immune Function

As you can see from the list I take a lot of supplements. But these supplements, along with some diet changes, have brought my life back to normal. I look at it like this, instead of eating a bag of M&M's I eat supplements. One thing I must stress also was I avoid sugar. This is the quickest way I can bring my arthritis pain back. I have learned that it is because sugar dehydrates you and then causes digestion problems. As I mentioned earlier listen to your body. Each of use is different.

Also my husband had candida problems and it wasn't from antibiotic use. We get more antibiotics in the food we eat then we consume. And if the body is stressed with any disease, infection, healing a wound, etc. this will cause the immune system not to keep the yeast under control.

I will continue to stress to use Shaklee supplements. I know no other company with a better product. I have researched these as well have tried other brands and there is no comparison.

God Bless, Mary
Since this time Shaklee has put together a few packages with several of these products together at a discount.

To help reduce your exposure to environmental toxins, Shaklee has the Get Clean cleaning product line for everything in your house and office.

The Vitalizer Wellness Pack contains the Soy, Nutriferon and a revolutionary Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral

The above product does not contain all kosher products but The Rx for a Healthier Life is a kosher product pack. It contains the Vita-Lea, B Complex, OsteoMatrix, Vivix, Nutriferon and Cinch protein drink mix.

Vivix wasn't mentioned in this testimonial because it was written before the product was produced. Other Lyme Disease testimonials have had a lot of positive things to say about Vivix.

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