Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Clean really works!

Get Clean really works!!!

 I received my cleaning kit shortly before I left town for the holidays.  I had fun putting it all together yesterday and trying everything out in my kitchen and bathroom.  How can something that doesn’t smell like chemicals be so effective?  I’m really impressed, so far!

Oh and here are a couple of other things I really like about the Get Clean kit:  
(1) It’s pretty.  
(2) It takes up very little room, and I’m looking forward to clearing out the masses of cleaners from underneath all of my sinks.  
(3) The scour-off paste is very cool. I can’t figure out how it works, but it does.  It doesn’t smell, it’s not gritty, and it rinses off clean.

You know what a skeptic I am about everything.  These products are of great value — in more ways than one.

~ Vicky

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