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Why Suppliment? And If So, With What?

You've probably heard that eating an apple today doesn't have the same nutrient value as an apple did 50 years ago.  And that's true, it's been proven by scientific research.  Why is that?  Well, today we have industrialized our food supply to maximize volume, not necessarily quality.  The small family farm that puts a lot of effort into maintaining their soil and their crops is a losing venture anymore.  Plus it's become common practice to harvest produce before it is fully ripe and then force the produce to ripen as it's being transported to our grocery stores -  across many states or from far away countries.  When foods are harvested before they are fully ripe they do not contain the nutrients that they would when they ripen, and they will not develop those nutrients once they are cut off from the plant.  Then there's the issue of all those pesticides and herbicides that food producers use so they can maximize their profit from each crop.  For big businesses it's all about the bottom line.  We have allowed our food production to become an industrialized machine and have paid the price with our health.

Over-farming of the soil, premature harvesting and chemical sprays leave us with nutrient starved and contaminated produce, but it sure looks beautiful in the produce section of the grocery store!  Most of us realize that homegrown foods are much more healthy for us because when we're eating the produce of our own hands we are much more attentive to what we put into the soil and what we put on the produce, and we can take it from the garden to the table in just minutes.  But few of us even have vegetable gardens anymore and even fewer of us have the ability to grow enough food to feed our families. 

Consider this:
  • We are willing to put premium gasoline into our vehicles but yet we hesitate to buy organic foods and quality nutritional supplements for ourselves and our children.  Yet we replace our vehicles every few years and we only get one body, one life.
  • The majority of drug store variety supplements are manufactured in China.  As of 2007, China had captured 90% of the United States' Vitamin C products as well as the bulk of Vitamins A, B12 and E.  
  • The majority of nutritional supplements available on the market today are either fully synthetic or partially synthetic and very few are batch tested to verify that you are getting what the label claims.  Even many (maybe most?) supplements that are marketed as "whole food" or "natural" contain synthetic nutrients.  
  • The U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) give us only the bare minimum required doses to ward off vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  What they do not account for are the amounts needed to maintain maximum health rather than borderline health.  Scientists have shown that taking dosages of vitamins and minerals above the RDAs helps our bodies function better.
Approximately 9 out of 10 Americans do not get enough nutrients from their diet so we need to supplement our diets in order to fill in the gaps. 

Drug Store Variety Supplements
The supplements you find at your local drug store, grocery store or superstore are a synthetic product, made by scientists in a laboratory. When your body sees a synthetic nutrient it might recognize it as something vaguely familiar, but usually our bodies allow those synthetic nutrients to pass on through because they're not recognized as something the body wants and needs.  The majority of these vitamins are manufactured in other countries, like China, where regulations aren't as stringent as they are in the USA.  Some synthetic vitamins are actually more harmful than taking no extra vitamins at all.  In some studies, the subjects that took synthetic vitamins died sooner than those that took none.  Now that's shocking!

Health Store Variety Supplements
The supplements you find at your local health store are at least 15% natural and they are most often processed at high temperatures which destroys their nutrient value.  These supplements are usually mass produced using techniques that destroy the quality of the supplements along the way.  Usually these supplements are rarely tested to ensure that they contain what the label says.  Most of these are also mass produced in foreign countries, like China, even though the label may say the company is located in the United States.

What we need is a nutrition revolution! 

Shaklee Supplements
Shaklee supplements are 100% natural, created from whole foods and in a natural, low heat process.  This process keeps the whole food intact, including the enzymes and nutrient value of plant based foods to nourish your body.  The body recognizes food and it works to utilize these nutrients as needed. What's more, Shaklee tests each product multiple times throughout the process and even sends samples out to a third party to have them independently tested to ensure quality.  Plus, Shaklee guarantees that their products work so if you try a product and don't like the way it works, you get your money back.  This is the Shaklee Difference!

The Vitalizer program is a 30 day supply of 80 different vitamins and minerals and comes in a regular formula, a formula with iron and a formula for seniors.  It contains 2 Vita Lea, 2 Carato-E-Omega Complex, 1 B + C complex, and 1 Optiflora Probiotic. 
  • Vita-Lea – A whole food multi-vitamin/multi-mineral that gives you 100% RDA of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin B + C Complex – C boosts your immune system and other things involving connective tissue and basic body building functions.  Shaklee’s C is Sustained Release, meaning it releases over a period of time.  Taking one C is like eating 1 1/2 oranges every hour for 6 hours. This Complex is also coated in the critical B vitamin.  Many B-Complexes contain this important B vitamin but your body can’t access it in time and it leaves your system unused.  B is called the “happy vitamin”–helps regulate hormones, blood sugar, reduce cravings, etc.
  • Carato-E-Omega Complex –  provides critical antioxidants and aids in proper circulation.  It also delivers seven Omega-3s to help reduce the risk of heart disease and promote brain and joint health. CaratoMax part of the Complex is basically caratanoids found in fruits and vegetables which provide tons of antioxidants protection.
  • Optiflora – A probiotic that can help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora. This helps prevent yeast infections and promote digestive health. We need good bacteria to fight off the bad!  Much of our overall health depends on a healthy digestive system.

Shaklee has a long list of Kosher certified products, but the Vitalizer program is not one of them.  If keeping Kosher is important to you, then you will want to create your own program with the following kosher products:

Vita-Lea - A whole food multi-vitamin/multi-mineral that gives you 100% RDA of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

B Complex -  B-Complex provides all eight essential B vitamins necessary for converting the food we eat into energy. B vitamins are essential in the synthesis of DNA and new cells.

Vitamin C -  Your body is capable of many things, but it can’t make or store vitamin C. Shaklee Sustained Release Vita-C 500 mg offers sustained-release protection hour after hour, using a proprietary sustained release system.  Taking one C is like eating 1 1/2 oranges every hour for 6 hours.

Vitamin E - Vita-E® contains naturally occurring vitamin E from vegetable oil, which is more easily absorbed and retained by the body than synthetic forms.

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