Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Is Resveratrol?

Red wine has been praised for quite some time now and credited with things like protecting us from heart disease, lowering the risk of a heart attack (even if you've already had one), raise the "good" cholesterol while lowering the "bad" cholesterol, preventing blood clotting and vessel damage resulting from fat deposits, and more.  In 1991 60 Minutes aired a program called The French Paradox which discussed the high fat French diet and the health of the French people.  The research that was being done more than 20 years ago to determine just why it is that the French people could have such high fat diets and such low rates of heart disease revealed that there is something amazing about red wine.

Red wine has a paradox of it's own.  While there is something special about red wine that cannot be said for simple grape juice or white wine, the alcohol part of the red wine increases your risk for cancer, liver damage and other unwanted health issues.  Scientists set out to find out what the special component is in the red wine that isn't found in other wines or juices, and how we might be able to utilize it's benefits while not suffering the consequences from alcohol consumption.  Scientists have determined that it is the compound called resveratrol that is the sought after ingredient in red wine.

In the past 20+ years resveratrol has been credited with:
  • reducing certain ulcer causing bacteria
  • protecting against and slowing the progression of dementia
  • strengthening the immune system
  • reducing the risk of stroke
  • preventing obesity by increasing metabolism
  • strengthening the bones and joints
  • preventing cancer and fighting those that do not respond to chemotherapy
  • removing heavy metals from the body
  • protect and repair DNA damage
  • positively impact genetic regulators
  • promote cellular energy
  • support brain health
Resveratrol has been heralded as "The Fountain Of Youth" for it's anti-aging benefits, too.  As you can see, resveratrol is an amazing part of G-d's creation!  Resveratrol has been referenced in over 3,000 research pubications and has been been involved in multiple studies by Harvard University, the National Institute on Aging, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Science. 

Hearing about the wonders of resveratrol, Shaklee scientists set out to create a potent liquid extract of resveratrol called Vivix.  It took the #1 health and nutritional suppliment company in America several years to perfect their patented formula and the feedback from Vivix users has been tremendous!  Vivix has been clinically shown to fight aging at the cellular level and hearing how Vivix has helped others is not only encouraging, it's simply amazing!  With Shaklee's solid reputation of scientific research and quality testing you can be confident that Vivix is not only safe but very effective.

A 30 day supply of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine.  Vivix is certified gluten free and comes in a kosher certified formula too.  If you're interested in trying Vivix for yourself, consider joining Shaklee as a member and you will save 15% on all of your Shaklee purchases, and if you sign up to have Vivix sent to you regularly every month you will save an additional 10%. 

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