Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nutritional Helps for Sick Kids

Since my son was a newborn he was never off of antibiotics for longer than three weeks at a time.  He suffered from chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections and a persistent cough.  He had many sinus x-rays.  We'd spend hours sitting in a rocking chair while I pounded on his back so the coughing would stop.  A chiropractor told us to stop milk for at least 30 days.  A wellness questionnaire encouraged us to try nutrition.  At age 7, we began to build his immune system with large quantities of vitamins.  His original daily program included:  2 to 4 Vita-Lea (adult), 4 Vita C, Omega Oils and Caroto-Max

It was like a miracle!  After a year of wellness, I faxed the  news to a physician who thought it was "just a coincidence."  As we look back, he was on milk formula as an infant and his problems began from day one.  Our little boy is now 12 years old and he hasn't been sick in over 6 years!

  ~  Cindi G

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