Friday, January 7, 2011

PMS, Mood Swings and Illness All Went Away!

About 15 years ago my lifestyle was one that many would consider healthy - running, swimming & triathlons were not unusual. But neither were horrific PMS and frequent colds. I remember being on the phone with my sister-in-law after a swim meet & her words ... “are you sick? Again??!” I figured I was “normal‟ because I knew lots of people with those same problems. I accepted my mother’s invitation to try Shaklee.

Once whole food supplementation was integrated into my life, many things changed. Even things I didn’t think about like more restful night’s sleep or mood swings or junk food cravings. I learned that one thing is connected to a hundred and I honestly never knew that. I’m not one who thinks that taking vitamins replaces common sense. Health is affected by many things … stress, exercise, sleep, but primarily diet. Shaklee supplements made it much simpler for me to increase my nutrition on a regular daily basis and the quality of Shaklee products gave me the real results I needed.

But that’s not all! Shaklee is now my main source of income. While my health story is good news – my career story comes from a great passion. And why shouldn’t it? Few people who earn a living today actually LIKE what they do, much less love it. I love working from home – I love helping people – I love the flexible hours – I love the generous spirit from others in Shaklee.
~ Sherry Hooper

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